South Park 2 Reel Chaos Mobile review

spreelchaosSouth Park 2 Reel Chaos mobile is an improved version of the original South Park slot, which had its market debut back in 2013. As technology these days seems to be growing at supersonic speeds, the new South Park boasts enhanced graphics that will make you play on.

One of the reasons gamers choose South Park 2 Reel Chaos mobile from other competing slots is mostly associated with the entertainment part of the game.

As it is derived from the popular television animation show, South Park, players can never go wrong with this. Indeed, you will have all the fun while you make lots of money at the same time.


Generally, there is no better way to take risk and get entertained other than this new generation slot machine.

While most people using South Park 2 Reel Chaos mobile slot find it easier in their iOS mobile devices, it should be noted that its compatibility has also been redesigned in order to play smoothly on Android devices.

Unlike some mobile slots, this slot offers both portrait and landscape options. Experts recommend users to, however, play in landscape mode. This mode will not only present all the fun instilled in the game but will also maximize the potential for the player to win.

If you played South Park slot, the predecessor to this slot machine, you will realize that some features that made it more entertaining have been swept away.

Although the games reformation was probably to adapt it to the growing market of players interested more with making money than jokes, the nostalgia lives on.


The designer of most mobile slots, NetEnt probably wanted to do something different by removing fun features to keep the newer version a bit professional and for professionals.

Note that lacking all the chaos doesn’t mean that South Park 2 Reel Chaos mobile is limited in terms of features. The game offers a bunch of wilds, stacked wilds and multipliers. For example, there’s Kenny’s Multiplier which means you can multiply your winnings up to 5x on one spin. The usual amount is 3x, however.

NetEnt obviously designed to be suitable for all ages – not simply for the “youngsters” (now rather young professionals with families of their own) that grew up with the cartoons. In other words, it is a perfect fit for both young, middle aged and older people.

One question that interested player would ask before rolling out on South Park 2 Reel Chaos mobile is perhaps availability of free spins. Well, free spins are not limited and thus will come from time to time. The usual amount is about 20 and you get this from having 3 bonus symbols appear somewhere on the screen – doesn’t matter where.

Experts say once you have mastered the game, by placing a single bet, you can win as much as 50x and this is not all. They insist that edging the house provides an opportunity to win up to 100x the bet you made.

With such open opportunities, South Park 2 Reel Chaos mobile is by far one of the best mobile video slots that you should try.