Mega Fortune Touch Mobile Review

The latest consumer and expert reviews on Mega Fortune touch mobile video slot indicate that it currently holds biggest rating on with regards to video slots by NetEnt.

Like  most NetEnt games, Mega Fortune features the popular five reel, three row design but an additional feature that makes it stand out is its capacity to provide 25 pay lines.

But what makes this game stay outweigh its competitors? Well, there are a few factors that influence its follower-ship and probably its position in the market. For instance, availability of tempting icons will not only encourage gamers to play more in order to win all listed prizes but their designs are in particular, remarkable.


Although Mega Fortune does not allow its features to be downloaded to the devices, it doesn’t choose operating systems to run, which means it will work on each mobile device out there.

The reason why it doesn’t work on selected devices has been linked to its HTML5 compatibility.

Unlike most touch mobile games by NetEnt, users have reviewed Mega Fortune as the best option when compared to their competitors. This is because, not only does the platform used during game play nicely set, but also because it offers a 96.6% winning chance thus leaving the house with just a 3.4% edge.

Although skilled users are mostly associated with Mega Fortune, beginners can also try out their luck as the game play is comparable to other online mobile playable slots.

Two icons – bottle and glasses – are said to award free spins. The spins will be available 3x, and thus why players use this chance to gradually increase their points. As they play on, a multiplier will be introduced, which gives an opportunity for 5x although this is again limited to one time in every spin.


So when does that this slot grab the player’s attention to keep spinning that wheel?  Well, until the jackpot bonus of the game kicks off, some will say that the game might not be paying out.

When there is an active line, left to right, the icon with all the bonuses will pop up at least 3x. This is the icon with all the goodies, meaning until you reach that stage, a lot of the game will just be for fun.

As any other casino game, Mega Fortune touch mobile allows you to place bets accordingly. The slot allows you to choose bet levels based on lines that have been marked as active.

Besides icons that play different roles during game play, there are also buttons that allow you to choose levels of betting. In every 1 of 4 coins, you are awarded, 1 to 25 lines to place your bets.

Note that in case you intend to maximise the potential of betting, there are parameters in the game that provide such options. In fact, it is said that you can increase your betting capabilities up to 50 Euros thus not limiting yourself to the provided maximum of 0.5 Euros.

Mega Fortune touch mobile is a specialised video slot for mobile devices that will never disappoint.