Free Slots on mobile

Smartphones have become common place in today’s world and as such, their popularity has contributed to the boom in Mobile Casino and mobile gaming in general.  What has got our attention however is the massive increase in free mobile slots.

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There are literally hundreds of free slots available which all have outstanding designs to the standard which you have become accustomed to in normal online casinos and due to the explosion in popularity with Mobile Casino and slots, companies have really sunk their money into the research and development of the industry to provide some games which you won’t be able to get enough of.

One advice is to check out sites that offer free spins no deposit UK promotions. Players in UK can from here check out several diffren’t free spins promotions on Mobile for an example.

The bonuses of these slots are that they are convenient and of course free!  Due to the huge amount of slots on the market now, many casinos have been forced to offer players chances to try before investing real money in their games.  One added incentive is that you will never be spoilt for choice regardless of how much you play, mobile gaming companies are putting out new slots almost every day, giving you a chance to master them before playing them for real.


There is of course the question ‘Why play free slots?’ that still lingers though. Well there is the appeal of being able to play a slot before using real money so you can see if you like it or not and then there is the chance that many casinos will offer free cash bonuses if you have been playing one of their free slots for a long time and haven’t yet changed to one of their real ones. And of course there is always the possibility that with even the most seasoned gamers, there are always those times when you don’t want to play with real money and you just need a little entertainment doing something which you love and enjoy.

After trying the popular free slots on you will find that it’s convenient with no signup required and that it works on both iOS and Android systems.  Two different slot games were tried out of a total of fifteen available but they were by no means impressive.  Simple graphics and repetitive music were the norm, you are able however to take your credits and move them between any of the fifteen slots which was a small perk to playing.

Bonuses or any other extras are not to be found here however.  Pros? Mildly entertaining as there is quite a lot of choice between the different slots but a lack of extras and bonuses can soon make these slots slightly monotonous and tiring from the absence of any novelty or excitement.

For something a little more exciting there is Leo which also offers a chance to try any of their games before signing up.  There is certainly a lot more choice here with over thirty slots to choose from and the options of extras and bonuses presented in almost all of their games.  The graphics are of a lot better standard and the ability to play with imaginary currency instead of credits certainly adds to the authenticity of the game.  You also have a lot more control over your bets by being able to bet anything from one dollar/euro/pound to one hundred and some include an auto roll feature (for those in a rush) which can be set from ten to fifty.


As with normal slots, security should always remain a concern.  The reputable casinos will of course not be a problem but you should always remember that there are a huge amount of casinos online which are not registered with any of the main international gambling authorities and are just a gateway to installing a large amount of spyware on to your PC/device.  Almost all casinos offer free slots so don’t be tempted to try ones which you aren’t familiar with or haven’t heard of.  As with any other website of course, always make sure your anti-virus is up to date before agreeing to anything suspicious, downloading or visiting any websites which you aren’t familiar with.

If you’re looking for a huge choice then Vegas Slots Online really hits the nail on the head, not only to they provide a wealth of information about different slots but they also have a database of all the best free slots, their reviews, special offers for players wishing to change to real money and links to the sites which host them.

Among the hundreds of free slots out there you’re bound to find something which you will love and enjoy. If any advice is to be considered when looking for them though it’s that the main and well known casinos most often offer the best and safest choices for free games and the ones which look basic, cheap and offer the chance to ‘upgrade’ to fantastic rewards should be avoided.