Starburst Touch Mobile Review

Since the introduction of online casinos and the subsequent premiere of fourth generation mobile phones- smartphones- different players have joined the online casino market by introducing programs that enable users maximize the potential their devices can present.


Starburst touch mobile slot stands out as a big competitor following its easy to use features and amazing theme.

Although it is reported to have debuted into the consumer market early 2012, it wasn’t until later that it rolled out into the mobile telephony system. Starburst touch mobile is powered by NetEnt.

One of the highly regarded aspects in this mobile slot is its five reels, three rows and ten pay-line attributes. As a NetEnt slot, however, the game has certain characteristics and limitations that would be unavailable in other designs.


This free-spin virtual machine contains a 1x multiplier that gives it the capacity to stretch up to a 2,500 coins worth of payout. But, according to expert reviews, the 1x multiplier and the described maximum number of coins attainable by Starburst makes it smaller when compared to other competitor NetEnt slot versions.

The mobile slot’s theme is said to play a key role into Starburst’s growing user base. This jewel-like color burst makes the game appear different with a small touch of funky style. Incidentally, this has also been reviewed as a factor that makes the mobile slot continue to attract more users.

While too many features don’t usually add a lot in terms of performance, the ability to access different endless options appears as a reasonable fact that limits Starburst touch hence categorizing it as a mobile slot without diversity.

Despite the limit this mobile slot may present to users, it is not a demerit in its own right hence continues to uphold its rating. The point is that lesser features don’t render the game boring but rather exciting in its own way.


Popular reviews have gone the extra mile to showcase Starburst not only as a one-of-a-kind mobile slot, but also as a possible inspiration to new and existing gamers.

Although the slot started as an online game play, the large market recognition grew upon its entrance into mobile phones.

While there may have been few disappointments pointed out by a few users, and probably challenged NetEnt future touch games releases, others have applauded the game’s control features, which don’t require any expertise or previous skills to use!

Gamers who have found Starburst as an application to their taste insist that ‘wins’ are inevitable and thus why they have decided to hold onto the game despite other games debuting into the market with incredibly favorable features when compared to Starburst.

Another benefit that comes with Starburst touch mobile has been associated with prizes. Generally, gamers say that any player will be taken by surprise following unexpected prizes that the game awards from time to time.

If you have previously been a ground or online casino addict, and wonder where to start with a mobile slot, then you should know that Starburst can be a perfect addition to your device.