How to choose the best mobile casino

questionmarkIf you’re a newbie to the world of mobile casinos then the thousands of different choices can be absolutely overwhelming. Which ones are best?  Are they all safe?  Which ones offer the best games?  Do some casinos offer better promotions than the many others available?

These questions may seem unanswerable but depending on what you want, there are a few easy steps you can take to ensure that you can find the perfect Mobile Casino for you.


Before you consider weighing up the pros and cons of various mobile casinos you should always make sure that you go with a reputable one. There are literally hundreds of con artists out there in the web who are looking only to exploit you and take your hard earned money.  With this in mind, make sure you stick with the big and well-known names who are registered with the correct authorities before handing over your bank account, payment or credit/debit card details.

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There are two main differences in looking for a Mobile Casino. There is the one which is mainly app based and the one which is browser based.  Personal preference can decide which one is better for you, however it’s quite common to find that casino apps are presented far better and run much faster.

On the other hand, most casinos will separate their various different games into different apps, easy to navigate but hellishly space consuming on your device, especially if using an Apple device with limited storage capacity and you enjoy a large variety of games.

But what to look for first? Most players look for the main top three things when choosing a Mobile Casino, payment/deposit/withdrawal ability, welcome bonuses/free spins/free money and that their device is compatible.

Payment/deposit/withdrawal details can be found on the parent site of most mobile casinos.  Common payment methods include Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Trustly, Paysafecard and Neteller.  Not all casinos accept all of the above payment methods, some accept more and some accept less so be sure to check payment methods and withdrawal methods before joining!


Welcome packages can range in size and shape from free money (get given free cash to play with before you deposit your own), free spins on slots, deposit matching (where the casino will match your deposit to a certain amount) or even a free bet or two.  Regardless of what you’re offered, it is always worth shopping around other casinos to see if you can get something better.

Welcome packages are great, no one is doubting that, but are there any drawbacks?  When choosing a Mobile Casino don’t be fooled by amazing and extravagant bonuses because you should always remember that a bonus has to be wagered a number of times before it’s possible to withdraw.  Given the option between a 50 euro joining bonus which needs to be played once and a 100 euro joining bonus which needs to be played ten times to be able to withdraw it and we can quickly see which one would be better.

Device compatibility can be hit and miss nowadays with the immense choice of smartphones available.  There are a few however which you can’t really go wrong with, it’s pretty easy to say that the most modern smartphones, tablets and mobile devices will be prepared to run almost any third party software or support any kind of app for all of your casino needs. Most casino apps are adapted to either Android or iOS or both. Thus, if you’re on a Windows phone you may encounter some difficulties.

Payments methods are ultimately the most important part of choosing Mobile Casino as after all, what’s the point of choosing a casino if you can’t have access to your winnings?  Always check that your method of payment is supported before signing up to a casino and even more importantly, always check what withdrawal policies the casino has, large and small print!

Small print shouldn’t just be left to payments and withdrawal though, betting limits should play a large part in choosing the perfect casino for you to play.  Some mobile casinos have high stakes which are great if you have thousands to throw around, but for those who don’t make sure you find a casino which offers low stakes as well as higher stakes so you remain in control of how much you are betting and the amount you wager isn’t in the hands of the casino.

Last but not least the simplest rule of Mobile Casino, make sure the game works before depositing money!  No matter the casino, the games we play or the small print, we will always be at the mercy of the technology we play with and with Mobile Casino and we should behave as such.  Almost all casinos let you try the game before you play for real, so always make sure you do a test run before committing to anything.