Slots on mobile

The choices of slots for Mobile Casino can (and do) seem endless. To give an understanding of just a few on the market at the moment, we looked at reviewing some of the more popular ones. These are all adapted for the mobile format which means they’ve been optimised to run smoothly on mobile devices. Graphics have been adapted for smaller screens and touch technology has been incorporated.

A selection of mobile slots: Cops n Robber

copsnrobbersFrom Sky Vegas Casino comes ‘Cops n Robber’, a dazzling glimpse of Britannic life.  Cops n Robber provides a low risk and entertaining slot which averages big wins at around twenty times your bet.  Not to panic though as for the lucky ones this can quickly move up to a big fifty times your bet to increase your chances of a big win.

Pros? It’s entertaining, fun, silly and boasts a high return to player rate.  The graphics are awesome and the cartoon sounds thrilling, free spins can be found easily with a chance to win between fifteen and one hundred at any time and a bonus round British enough to make your feel like you’re in a London pub.  It’s also a winning combination of exciting and bank-friendly as it doesn’t empty your coffers on the first ten goes.

Cons? That’s for you to decide.


From a hectic and exhilarating game of cops and robbers to the relaxation of a friendly game of Monopoly, Monopoly Dream Life slot puts you in the game for as long as you wish.

This mother of all slots can let you hit a massive five thousand times your original bet if you’re lucky and win an eye-watering 25 million cash, but with a bet range of 20 minimum to 60,000 maximum this Monopoly game might leave you feeling that you wish you could go straight to jail.

Bonus features are good, providing 5 reels and 20 pay lines it can take a while to get ahead in this, but the rewards when you do are infinite.

Pros? Colourful to say the least, entertaining, big wins and a game which you can play for hours and still be as close to the edge of your seat as you were at the start.

Cons? Just as big wins make dreams come true while you live the life in Mayfair, a tragic roll of the dice can land you straight in the poor house.

Reel Rush

reelrush1Moving on from the deluxe and fashionable opportunities of elaborate slots we look at the majestically simple Reel Rush Touch slot by NetEnt.

At first glance its simplicity and theme becomes clear and anyone who remembers the dawn of the video game era will be instantly overwhelmed with nostalgia at the Mario Bros look and feel.

Now, if you’re looking for mini games and features then you will be sadly disappointed as you won’t find them here, what you will find however is a delightfully entertaining and refreshing free-spin-happy box of joy with audio that feels like it’s been taken from your first Nintendo game.

Fun it may be, it pales in comparison to the likes of Monopoly with a relatively small jackpot of just under 100,000, that being said, the possibility for some mid-sized wins from free spins does exist with around fifty times your bet.

Cons? Not Apple compatible.

South Park

southparkNow to the star of our slot Christmas tree, South Park (touch).  When NetEnt announced the release of their bonus filled South Park slot faces across the world lit up with immature delight at the idea of combining childish laughter with a solid and good slot game.  We got what we wanted…

You’ll be happy to know that this slot is full of entertaining bonus features which only contribute to the gameplay experience, they don’t interfere at all with your spins and really allow seamless playing.

Pros? It’s jam packed full of features which can lead to big wins.  The sounds add to the experience tenfold by providing a hilarious accompaniment to every spin.  The graphics and video in this slot really are a bonus and with a bonus of 69,500, what’s not to love?  5 Reels and 25 pay lines and a good number of free spins, why not give it a try?

Cons? It can be a little bonus/feature heavy if you aren’t a fan of South Park as well as not providing the best speeds if you’re on anything less than 4G.

These however are a mere fraction of what’s out there, each Mobile Casino can offer hundreds of slots for your enjoyment spanning all imaginable themes, so what are you waiting for?