How to deposit on mobile casinos

The ability to deposit and withdraw money while using Mobile Casino and Online Casino is arguably the most important part of the process.  Nobody wants to be stung with high commission, lengthy wait times and difficulties in getting at your winnings. Most casinos can offer a dozen different payment methods, so which one is right for you?  The truth is, it depends what you are looking for.

When depositing on Mobile Casino there are two main types, instant and not.  The instant big players are Skrill, Trustly, Paysafecard and Neteller and the non-Instant ones tend to be the more traditional card payment systems using a Visa, Maestro or MasterCard.

Neteller is the world’s largest independent money transfer service and boasts a flow of billions of dollars each year in transactions.  You should of course check that the service is available in your country but the odds are it will be.


The way Neteller works is unique in the way that you can choose how your money is stored and how you can spend it.  Through a Neteller account you can simply use their online portal so send, receive or transfer money to individual or companies and use it to pay for services.

Is it as simple as it sounds?  In a nutshell yes, but it’s not free.  Special international bank transfers to your Neteller account are free (although they may incur a charge from you bank) but when you look at a domestic transfer from a bank such as HSBC or Santander you will incur an eye-watering 7.0% commission charge.  Thinking of using your MasterCard or MasterCard Debit (1.9-4.95%), your Visa, Visa Debit or Visa Electron will also cost you the same.  If you’re Russian and fancy using Yandex Money then it will also set your back a hefty 5.95%.  The only payment plus side of using Neteller is that any transfer to or from your Mobile Casino account will be free and instant.

Security on Neteller is excellent though, they offer a 128-bit encryption system which will never store your CVC number so you are protected against online fraud and as a United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved company your money is held in trust accounts so it’s always there when you need it.

skrillSkrill is a London based financial services company with offices around the world which offers very similar services as Neteller, the only different is that they charge nothing for adding money into your account but do charge for everything you transfer out (1% up to a maximum of €10) and do charge a small fee with withdrawing money from your Skrill account.

Security on Skrill is as good as Neteller by offering the same 128-bit encryption system which will never store your CVC number and offers the same online fraud protection as well as being an United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved company whilst at the same time are licenced under the UK Electronic Money Regulations 2011 act.

paysafecardPaysafecard is more popular in Europe and is more of a voucher type system.  The customer first has to find a Paysafecard authorised seller (of 450,000 available worldwide). Paysafecard can be purchased from petrol stations, supermarkets, newsagents and tobacconists. Paysafecard has an outlet finder on their website which helps you find outlets.

Once bought, you may choose a variety of denominations and then simple use the code on the voucher to ‘top-up’ your Mobile Casino account. Easy, fast and risk free!

One small and new player to the market is Trustly, operating in Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland and Denmark they are offering no fees (for a limited time only) they are more a ‘limited-fee’ service operating mainly on the back on domestic banking systems.  Information on them is limited however so unless you’re lucky enough to live in one of their operating countries, you may have to go with one of their larger competitors.

These aren’t your only choices however, almost all Mobile Casinos accept more traditional payment methods such as Visa, Maestro and MasterCard.  Although these tried and tested methods are quick and easy, the realm of cyber-crime, identity theft and all the things that go with them are open to consideration from potential threats in your system or device.

Add to that the likelihood that most Mobile Casino operators will take up to five working days to process your deposit it seems like these are becoming less and less popular amongst players.

So given the choices what would be best?  If time is not important for your deposit and your PC/mobile device is completely secure then the more traditional Visa, Maestro or MasterCard methods of payment would suit you best as they cost nothing.

If you have any doubts on your system with regard to security, malware, spyware or viruses though and you’re in a hurry to deposit, then Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard might be a better choice.