Mobile Casino

The evolution of online gaming has provided us with round-the-clock access to our favourite games, but until recently, they’ve always been restricted to our laptop or computer.

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The explosion in popularity of smart phones and tablets has led to developers swamping the market with a variety of gambling opportunities designed for the small screen leading many to want to know if their device is compatible and how to go about getting started.

Compatibility is simple, the general rule of thumb is that if you have a smartphone or tablet, odds are you are able to enjoy a few slots while waiting in line at the supermarket.  How to get started though can be a bit of a maze.

How does it all work?

There are generally two differences in Mobile Casino, there is the one which is mainly app based which is downloaded from your device’s app store and the one which is browser based that is downloaded from the internet.  Personal preference can decide which one is better for you, however it’s quite common to find that casino apps are presented far better and run much faster when compared to their browser counterparts.


In a nutshell there isn’t that much of a difference between many online or desktop and mobile casinos, there will be a few welcome changes though for those who feel that online and desktop versions are becoming somewhat tiresome, restrictive and monotonous.  App based casinos have removed the downloaded lobby ‘command centre’ for your casino and replaced it with downloading the casino games and slots directly to your mobile device so you can enjoy your favourite games easily with no hassle.

Some mobile casinos have introduced an entirely browser based experience on you mobile device, so no downloads are required.  The environment varies from casino to casino so each one can be a little different.

Most Mobile Casinos are generally a second part of an online casino, for those who are members with some of the big players in online gaming you will be able to enjoy mobile casino with very few problems by simply using your current log in details and following the simple instructions given to you.  If not, most larger casinos offer a simple sign up program on their website for users to transfer their accounts interchangeably between desktop, online and mobile platforms.


For those who are not members of other sites, a sign-up is required to play with real money and a deposit is usually required.  That’s not to say you can’t practice for free though!  As an added bonus, most Mobile Casinos let you try almost all the games before you create an account or make any deposits.

One extra factor that definitely does increase the appeal of Mobile Casino is that as many developers are still trying to secure their place in the mobile gaming market, they are currently offering amazing extras, bonuses and prizes to their mobile players to encourage them to keep playing and to be less likely to return to other gaming platforms.

Android vs. Apple?

At the moment Android do seem to have the upper hand when it comes to mobile casinos, not in all cases but it does seem they have a far wider variety of mobile casinos available.

Both seem to make ample use the touch screen for added user enjoyment, a nice change from the click dominated world of internet casinos that have become well known on our laptops and PCs.

Bonuses and Promotions

Upon first glance it seems that as mobile casinos are still an ‘up and comer’ in the gambling world, there are still huge promotions and bonuses to take advantage of such as weekly cashback, welcome bonuses, deposit matches and rewards for linking to social media.  The expiry date on these offers is anyone’s guess….


Although welcome packages are great (which no one is doubting), are there any drawbacks?  When choosing a Mobile Casino don’t be tricked by unimaginable and amazing bonuses because you should always remember that a bonus has to be played a number of times before it’s possible to withdraw.  Given the option between a 100 euro joining bonus which needs to be played twice and a 2000 euro joining bonus which needs to be played a huge amount of times to be able to withdraw it and we can quickly see which one would be better.  With this in mind, always make sure that you check the terms and conditions of any ‘amazingly generous’ offers.

Payment/deposit/withdrawal details can be found on the parent site of most mobile casinos.  Common payment methods include Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Trustly, Paysafecard and Neteller.  Not all casinos accept all of the above payment methods, some accept more and some accept less so be sure to check payment methods and withdrawal methods before joining.


Most Mobile Casino providers use the same security features and 128-bit encryption technology which they use on their online casino, as such you can rest assured that if you’re safe online, you’re safe on mobile.

When using a Windows tablet or some types of Android you should always ensure that your device is equipped with the most up-to-date version of anti-virus to ensure that you are secure when entering any payment information.

Data Usage

As with every good thing out there, there of course always comes a downside.  Mobile Casino can be one huge data drain on your device for those of you who are on fixed mobile data tariffs with a limited data allowance.  Left unchecked, it can lead to eating all of your phone credit or data allowance or perhaps even running up a large bill.  Most modern smart phones have a data counter to enable you not to lose count and it is always worth checking from time to time.

Customer Support

As Mobile Casino is a technology based service, gamers have the luxury of having access to (with most online casinos) 24/7 customer support services.  If you run into any problems these can be an absolute life saver for those who aren’t as technologically able as others.


Some of the mobile casinos (like online and desktop) offer some fantastic prizes, ever fancied a holiday in Mexico or Hawaii?  Shop around and you might find the perfect one!

Overall Mobile Casino can be great, if you do it right that is.  Although there are a lot of things for you to take into consideration it shouldn’t spoil the anticipation of starting something new.  Why confine yourself to desktop casino at home when you could be enjoying yourself whenever you have a spare few minutes?  There are plenty of trails out there so why not give one of them a try?