What’s the difference between mobile and desktop casino?

Remember a time when the lines between ‘online’, ‘desktop’ and ‘mobile’ were clearly drawn in the sand?  Nowadays the variety of devices available has led to a technological merger which has affected the way we conduct both business and leisure and it can be a little confusing.


So, gone are the days when desktop or online casino was the only choice and hello Mobile Casino, but truth be told, is there any real difference?  If so, what are they?  Are mobile casinos now at the standard of their online and desktop counterparts?  Well we had a look at comparing the two…

Firstly, let’s define ‘mobile’ casino.  There are two things we should take into account here: app vs. mobile browser play and connection type.

App play is where the game creator has developed a stand-alone app which is used solely for the playing of the game and is downloaded from the internet using an app store or website (website downloads are only available for non-Apple products).  Browser play is more similar to playing on your computer through a typical browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.)  The quality however can be limited as many websites aren’t developed for viewing on a mobile device.

Then there is connection type, most mobile devices have a choice between cellular data connections and Wi-Fi data connections.  Cellular can be fast, reliable and convenient but only if you have a signal.   Can you imagine being so close to that big win and then have ‘This Page Cannot Be Displayed’ come up?  Of course not, which is why mobile browser play and a cellular data connection should never be put together.  When it comes to app play on a cellular data connection the problems aren’t as bad as most apps frequently save your progress and will resume as soon as your signal comes back.

Mobile Casino offers a light-weight and on the go chance to gamble. Stuck in a queue?  Why not try some slots?  Waiting for someone?  Have a quick game of blackjack.  No matter what your game of choice, Mobile Casino offers it to you in a quick and anytime anywhere style.

There are a few things however that aren’t the same as playing on a desktop and can reduce the enjoyment a little.

The majority of smart phones, (although powerful) can lack a decent sized screen.  Do you find yourself hunched over your phone trying to see exactly what is being shown, especially if there is a lot of information being displayed at one time.

Another issue with Mobile Casino can be battery life, a lot of the more modern games can have very powerful graphics, as such they can be a real power drain, make sure you keep an eye on this or you can find yourself with a dead phone before lunch.  Or perhaps carry a mobile battery pack?  They can be purchased cheaply from almost all electronics stores nowadays.

With Desktop Casino the battery life, a small screen and limited graphics certainly aren’t a problem and there is the obvious different that you’re not likely to have to download Desktop Casino software to your device, but are there other factors which could affect gameplay?


What about Desktop Slots vs. Mobile Slots?  Slots have always been the most popular online casino game and with such variety out there, is it any surprise? As time has gone by and computer graphics have improved so has the quality and gaming experience provided by slots. Still in this modern age, some of the best, bonus extra filled slots are only available for desktop due to the sheer power that they need to run.

One factor that definitely does increase the appeal of mobile slots though is that as many developers are still trying to secure their place in the market, they can be offering fantastic extras, prizes and bonuses to their mobile players to encourage you to keep playing and to be less likely to return to other gaming platforms.

Tournaments on Mobile Casino?  Who can resist the idea of playing Poker with other gamers around the world?  Many of the larger sites host Poker competitions and tournaments on a regular basis, many of which though are not available on mobile gaming.  Although some may be available on tablet browsers, it is highly recommended to use a good Wi-Fi instead of cellular data to ensure uninterrupted gameplay.

In conclusion, looking at both Mobile Casino and Desktop, the differences aren’t huge. There are of course things which you can do with Desktop and not with Mobile and vice versa but on the other hand are you tied to one of them all the time? Enjoy the benefits of both worlds!